Kiwis for Kiwis

Kiwis for kiwi is a national charity that supports community-led and Māori-led kiwi conservation projects. Their vision is to take kiwi from endangered to everywhere.

With the help of thousands of New Zealanders, Kiwis for Kiwi™ is leading a mission to protect and save Kiwi for generations to come.  This valuable charity’s mission is to reverse declining Kiwi numbers around New Zealand by working with community-led kiwi conservation groups, iwi, DOC, landowners, businesses and Kiwis across the country to increase Kiwi populations by 2% per year.  Each purchase of any of our Kiwis for Kiwi™ branded Products from our Caffeinated Kiwis store donates much needed funds to the Kiwis for Kiwi™ charity help them achieve their mission.

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