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Cuddly Rattle Sheep Soft Toy

This adorably round a playful soft toy features a rattle ball inside. Ideal for small children as there are no small parts.

Cute Merino Soft Toy

Our cutest and most colourful Merino Sheep Soft Toy

Haka Sheep With Sound

This gorgeous soft toy sings the traditional NZ Haka when you squeeze its tummy.

Sheep Soft Toy In Kete

This tiny 9cm high Sheep soft toy sits inside a handmade felt Kete basket

Suction Cup Sheep Soft Toy

An adorable little sheep soft toy with suction cup to attach to your window or any hard surface.

Merino Sheep Soft Toy

This Merino Sheep Soft Toy is an ideal gift for those fond of New Zealand, its Wildlife & Culture. This soft toy features a real sound recording of a Merino Sheep and 4 adorable sizes, Small 17cm high, Regular 20cm high, Medium 24cm high & Large 30cm high.

Buy Sheep Soft Toys

Grow your plush collection with cute and cuddly Sheep Soft Toy companions – from large 30cm Stuffed Toy Sheep to cute 17cm Pink and Blue Stuffed Toy Sheep, we’ve got your bedroom buddies covered.  With over 10 different NZ Sheep toys to choose from these soft and cuddly friends are sure to please with most styles making a real Merino Sheep Baaaa sound when squeezed.  We also have a child friendly Baby NZ Toy called the Cuddly Sheep with a rattle inside and embroidered eyes to prevent any choking hazards, which makes for an ideal gift for little ones.